Amber grew up in Northern Canada on a Bison ranch as a child. She spent a
lot of time with her Aunt Sarah who had a developmental disability who lived
in adult family home when family could no longer care for her. Amber saw
firsthand the wonderful care her aunt received, how she was able to be a
contributing citizen, and live a full and dignified life. Amber always knew
that she wanted to help people and truly believes that giving back to your
community is the cornerstone of living a full life.

While living in California, Amber got involved in racing sailboats, which
led her to Port Townsend in 2019 to compete in the R2AK. She instantly fell
in love with the area and knew she wanted to settle here someday. Covid-19
changed her career path and she found herself working for people with IDD in
an adult family home. With her heart still set on Port Townsend, she
decided to move here when she saw that Olympic Neighbors was hiring for a
program supervisor.

Amber says, “These are not coincidences, just my life stream, finally
meeting up with its river. I am incredibly humbled and grateful to be a part
of this growing community. I have so much to offer and know I can use my
skillset to help Olympic Neighbors and its residents to grow and move
forward into the coming years”.

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