Charlie Horsman is a relative newcomer to Port Townsend, relocating here in 2006 with his wife, Candy Kerr, from Eagle River, Alaska. Charlie spent 24 years in Alaska assisting Candy in the upbringing of 2 amazing daughters, convincing Candy on a regular basis that Alaska was a great place to live (despite its 9 months long, cold, dark winter season and its 3-month night-less, loud, and dusty construction season), fishing, and working as a self-employed custom cabinet and furniture maker. Charlie was also active in community service and served on various boards and committees such as the Municipality of Anchorage sign committee, a comprehensive plan advisory committee, Eagle River Road Board representative, and Eagle River Community Council president. In Port Townsend, Charlie became interested in Olympic Neighbors endeavors via Candy’s employment and passion in assisting and promoting well-being and opportunities for developmentally disabled adults. Charlie became vested and committed to Olympic Neighbors by assisting in the construction/remodel of Hamilton House in early 2017.

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