When Wendy and her husband Bill first discovered Port Townsend while graduate students at the University of Washington, they knew the historic town and its stunning surrounds would become their home someday. Their careers took them elsewhere, first to New Orleans where Wendy enjoyed adapting many historic buildings for new uses then to Moscow Idaho, where she was architecture faculty and department chair at the University of Idaho. Wendy regularly engaged her architecture students in community service partnerships with dozens of mountain west towns and tribes to help them forward revitalization and economic development goals, test ideas and visualize opportunities. The experience was a win-win not only for her students and the communities they served, but also gave her teaching a core purpose. During her 33 years in Moscow, Wendy served on numerous school district and city tasks forces and was member and chair of the city’s Planning and Zoning and Historic Preservation Commissions.


Wendy and Bill’s son Reed was born in New Orleans and grew up in Moscow. Raising Reed was a journey as they tried to better understand and support his growth and development. Throughout his childhood they hoped that Reed could catch up to his peers and eventually become independent. As an autistic adult Reed has many capabilities, passionate interests and gifts but also needs help with life’s everyday functions. As a resident of Hamilton House Reed receives necessary support and companionship with his family of housemates. Wendy enjoys getting to know members of the disability community and helping with their outdoor activities. She also appreciates Port Townsend’s beauty and hiking, backpacking and beach walking close to the wild heart of life.  

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