Olympic Neighbors just completed our first year of providing residential and community inclusion services. Olympic Neighbors provides housing options, as well as supportive services to empower those with differing abilities to discover their full potential and to build community connections through:

    • Access to safe affordable housing in the local community with 24-staff support

    • Support to pursue and maintain employment, volunteer, educational and recreational opportunities

    • Connection to meaningful peer and community relationships.

There are more than 100 people with developmental disabilities over the age of 21 living in their parent’s home in Jefferson County. As parents and caregivers age, those individuals will likely need some form of support to continue to live in the community. Olympic Neighbors is currently operating the only licensed Adult Family Home in Jefferson County

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Creating home and community for people with developmental disabilities

Olympic Neighbors believes that a good quality of life involves relationships of mutual respect, education and (or) meaningful work, real participation in community life, a stress-reducing rhythm of daily activities, seasonal celebrations, a rich artistic and cultural life, acceptance, individual recognition, and dignity for everyone. At the same time, Olympic Neighbors understands and values the rights of each individual to choose their own path and to be involved in making decisions that affect their own life.

NormalizationWe believe that people with developmental disabilities can live in the community, have a good quality of life and contribute to society just as much as a someone without a disability.
CompetenceWe promote self-reliance by providing opportunities and support for all we serve to use the skills they already have and to develop the new skills they need to reach their individual goals.
RelationshipsWe help those we serve maintain and develop relationships with a diverse community of people and we respect their right to choose their own friends and partners.
IntegrationWe do not limit the activities and experiences of those we serve strictly to the disability community. We support those we serve to pursue their interests and overcome barriers to participate fully in the larger community.
StatusWe look for ways to help those we serve feel good about themselves and about how they are perceived by others.
Power and ChoiceWe pay attention to and take seriously the expression of individual goals and desires. We promote opportunities for those we serve to make informed decisions and to take responsibility for the outcome of their choices.
Health and SafetyWe promote personal health and well-being by offering assistance with hygiene, nutrition, exercise and access to medical care. We identify the risk for abuse, neglect, or exploitation for those we serve and we provide education, advocacy and protection. We balance the need for safety with other values that are important to those we serve.
Self-DeterminationThe purpose of our work is to help those we serve increase the power they have over their own lives, to help them participate fully in society, and to help them achieve the lifestyle and goals they set for themselves./td>

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